Michal Szafranski, the founder of one of the most popular (over 210,000 unique visitors per month) Polish blog “Jak oszczedzac pieniadze?” (Eng. “How to save money?”), wanted to refresh its design and asked me for help. He wanted his brand to be universal and not exclusively pin the “saving money” label on him, but Michal didn’t want the changes to be too drastic so his readers wouldn’t feel lost after the re-design.



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For the purpose of the blog I designed a new logo, graphics for social media (avatar, timeline cover and newsfeed image templates for Facebook, so that he is able to update them himself), as well as business cards and letterhead, in which Michael provides transcripts of his popular podcast “More Than Saving Money.” I produced the graphic design of the blog and also suggested some functional changes to it, like “Step by Step” resource pages and newsletter opt-in forms at strategic locations.

Here is what Michal says about working with me:

Michal Szafranski“When starting my blog I didn’t pay much attention to its appearance. I wanted it to be nice, but I designed everything myself and it served the purpose, but as my blog grew, my needs crystallized. I had a vision, but I couldn’t translate it into a particular look. Ariadna helped me make it a reality, and the final result is perfect. I received a new logo, a consistent look for my blog, graphics for Facebook, and even a business card design. I loved working with Ariadna. On the one hand she took all of my ideas into account and proved to be of angelic patience, and on the other hand – she suggested changes to improve the functions and ergonomics of my blog. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to refresh his blog or website.”

Visit Michal’s blog here: Jak Oszczedzac Pieniadze

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